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Association Meetings / Training
Second Wednesday of Every Month

1 hour CEU offered by              each month.

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Wednesday, May 8th | 11:30am-1:00pm
Location: The Fields at Carrollton Parkway

At our May Association Meeting & Training, we'll be learning about the newly introduced NFPA 915, the Standard for Remote Testing and Inspections. This standard addresses the growing need for efficient, accurate, and secure methods of conducting inspections and tests in various fire safety contexts. We'll be exploring how it facilitates remote testing and inspections while maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance.


Learn how this standard streamlines processes, enhances data integrity, and improves overall efficiency in your critical roles. With Brian Stockstill from Verisk as our special guest, gain comprehensive insights into the practical applications and benefits of NFPA 915.

FREE for Members

$15 for Non-Members

Lunch is provided for this meeting/training and 1 CEU will be issued by TEEX. 

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Wednesday, June 12th | 11:30am-1:00pm
Location: TBA

Join us for our bi-annual half-day training & June Association Meeting. This 4-hr. course presents the basic principles and requirements for approved egress from assembly occupancies and uses, based on Chapter 10 of the 2021 International Fire Code and the 2021 International Building Code. Assembly spaces have traditionally been one of the most dangerous situations and the students will be trained in the proper enforcement of these spaces in light of the ICC Codes. Participants will be led in demonstrating knowledge of the different occupancy classifications; calculations of occupancy load in each area; location of specific code sections that provide requirements, and the interrelationships between occupancy, number of occupants, and egress components of the means of egress.

FREE for Members

$65 for Non-Members

Lunch will be provided for this meeting/training and 4 CEUs will be issued by TEEX.

Space is limited. Register now.

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